Delicious Suckling Pig

To Cook

Make sure the Suckling Pig is defrosted throughout. Clean it thoroughly inside and out. Then add the stuffing – in this instance sage, onion, and black pudding (see Stuffing below).

Close the pig’s belly back up – Use cocktail sticks or you could stitch it if you can be bothered. Line a roasting tray with foil and a meat rack and lay the pig on top.

Rub some olive oil, sea salt, and pepper into the skin and loosely cover the whole pig with the foil (take care to cover the ears, feet, and legs as these are prone to burning).

Cook for forty minutes per Kilo (this pig was 6kg – so four hours cooking time) at 180°. Using the juices baste the pig every forty minutes.

Then 30mins before cooking time is up remove all the foil, and ‘fluff’ the skin by sieving some seasoned flour over the pig, then seal the flour with more juices from the tray. Place back in the over and cook for another 30mins – or until the skin is crispy (crackling).

To Carve

Carve and separate the shoulders from the body then remove the legs. Cut along the backbone to remove chops from the rib and loin area. Eat the Skin!

If you want to cheat, buy a packet of Paxo’s Sage & Onion stuffing, but add crumbled 500g of Black Pudding into the mix and stir it well. This was left overnight covered and in the fridge.

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