Getting To Know Your Pork Cuts

Pork Cuts Chart

From individual muscle cuts to the whole bone-in carver, pork allows versatile cuts that work well in many commercial situations besides family meals such as hotels, banquet feeding, family dining restaurants, B&Is; and healthcare cafeterias.


Whether it’s fresh or cured and smoked, ham is the most widely used pork cut.

Inside or top muscle:

  • High quality,
  • Most tender cut.
  • Better yield.
  • Ideal for kabobs and strips.
  • cutlets, 
  • V Fresh ham
  • V Pork leg, sirloin
  • Vsemi-boneless Pork leg,
  • Boneless and tied fresh ham
  • Roasts,
  • butterfly ham steaks,
  • fresh ham cubes,
  • steaks,
  • cutlets and diced pork

V Outside or bottom muscle:

  • Very economical cut.
  • Perfect for roasts, ham strips and cubes.


  • Darker muscle.
  • Perfect for julienne salad strips, diced cubes for soups and stews.

*Processed hams (cured and smoked):

  • Whole, shank or butt
  • Canned, mini buffet hams, deli-style hams, old-fashioned smoked hams, dry cured hams and flat hams


With more than 17 cuts available, the loin is the most versatile fresh cut you can sell.

V Pork sirloin
V Pork sirloin, boneless

*Bone-in center cut loin
*Boneless center cut loin
*Boneless loin
*Whole tenderloin
*Boneless Canadian pork loin
*Canadian style bacon
*Chopsbone-inboneless center cutboneless butterflyV sirloinAmerica’s Cut*Roasts:Center cut roastsBoneless center cutBoneless rolled and nettedCrown, rib end, sirloin and French-style*Cutlets
*Strips, chop suey meat
*Pork for stewing
*Pork for Kabobs
*Steaks: CubedFlaked, formed, frozen. Sandwich steaks, flaked, chopped, formed and wafer. Sliced and formed, frozen*Country-style ribs
*Back ribs


The belly is where two of the most popular pork items originate

*Bacon: pre-cooked, slice tray pack, layered shingled, bulk sliced
*St. Louis style ribs


The shoulder is one of the most economical cuts, often used pulled and shredded for barbecue and sandwich applications, and popular in ethnic cuisines.

V Boneless picnic
V Diced pork
V Ground pork
V Ground pork patties
Roast, steak, cutlet, kabob, stir fry strips*Butt:
V Roast
V Boneless butt steak
V Boneless Boston Butt
V Boston butt steaks, Smoked butt roll

Please note that V represents value quality cuts, perfect for cost-conscious customers like smaller independents, B&I and healthcare operations. These cuts may require more preparation and handling e.g., deboning and fat trimming. All other items listed represent premium quality cuts, ideal for fine dining, hotels and caterers.

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